Covid Policy pdate 2021

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  • Risk assessment: To carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment, to consider the different ways the virus can spread and to have in place measures to reduce the risk. Continually update risk assessment and make it available to your clients, either by publishing it on your website or sending it via email. 

  • Pre-screening clients to check how they are and whether or not they have been in contact with anyone with symptoms or recently travelled abroad etc. Anyone feeling unwell should not come for treatment. This means that all your sessions must be by prior appointment only.

  • Do your consultations remotely. Pre-screening, where possible, the day before treatment. consultations can be done by video call or telephone.

  • Poster templates to help direct your clients whilst on your premises for hand sanitisation and direction in and out of your premises, where appropriate.

  • Asking clients to wear a mask when coming into your clinic (unless exempt) and providing hand sanitisers for them upon entry. Government scientists have recommended that everyone continues to wear masks indoors either in crowded spaces or where you are with someone you are not normally with on a day-to-day basis. Clients can remove their masks when lying prone on a massage couch so that they can breathe freely. Remember that this virus spreads through an infected person in close contact speaking, breathing, coughing or sneezing that release droplet in the air that you can breathe in. The Delta variant is more infectious than previous versions.

  • Continue to ask clients to scan your COVID QR code on the NHS Track and Trace App. 

  • You will need to continue to wear a mask during treatments and as usual, wash your hands frequently. Our recommendation is that you continue to be cautious and use all of your PPE (goggles/masks/gloves/aprons) to provide clients with a sense of confidence and security. 

  • Treatment time will return to normal but consider working more with your client prone and keep any work close to the face at a minimum.

  • Allow extra time still between clients for thorough cleansing of everything the client may have touched, including pens. Surfaces and belongings can also be contaminated with COVID-19 when people who are infected cough or sneeze near them or if they touch them.

  • Ventilate your treatment room during sessions and even more so after. The treatment area is ventilated through use of air ventilator, which is maintained by the leisure centre.

  • We will continue with the use of thermometers in our practice for additional protection.

  • We encourage clients to pay using contactless methods.

  • To self-isolate, if contacted by NHS Track and Trace, although the restrictions are going to be eased shortly for those who are double vaccinated.